The Right Rock Tool for the Job.

The Right Rock Tool for the Job.

Mar 16, 2017

Branching out to new territory? Not sure which tool will do the trick? We got you covered.

Running dual rods? We’ve got you covered there, too. No other company in HDD offers a more complete line of tooling dedicated to drilling in difficult conditions, from soft sandstones to hard granites, than Radius HDD.


Drilling in loose rock conditions requires a lot of steering so you’ll want to look toward the single roller cone bit style. The Radius single roller cone has a unique geometry that enables it to steer better than other single roller cone bits. It boasts a carbide-covered steering plate, backed by additional carbide in the face to deliver better grinding capabilities for your loose rock jobs.

The single roller cone bit is ideal in areas where deflection off large rocks and boulders is common. The unique geometry of the Radius single roller cone offers drillers maximum control and allows improved turning and carving for more immediate course corrections. This bit also features standard API threads so it can easily fit on Radius sonde housings as well as other housings on the market.


Some formations aren’t so cut and dry. Occasionally you’ll come across both loose and granular rock on a job. That is when you will need a more versatile tool, like the Radius Rock Bit. The Radius rock bit utilizes large carbide buttons that are soldered in place, not pressed in like many other rock bits. These larger carbides offer very effective grinding of the cuttings to a more floatable size, which makes for easier evacuation of spoils and a cleaner hole. These strategically placed carbides also increase longevity of the bit. Plus, the water ports are recessed to minimize clogging and bit damage.

The Radius Rock Bit’s proprietary body design offers a “heel-to-toe” radio that offers both steering capabilities and unmatched control for straight drilling. The thread-on bit design follows the centerline of the drill pipe and housing, minimizing vibration up the drill stem and reducing damage to your rig. With standard API threads, this rock bit can easily connect to both Radius’ rock housings and other housings on the market. But it gets even better than that. The Radius Rock bit also features the patented Radius Hot Shot® Pull Back Adapter to make your pull back faster and easier. For small utility and other small bores that simply require a pilot hole, the Radius Pull Back Adapter connects directly to the rock bit with a single bolt in less than a minute. This eliminates the hassle of removing the head and/or housing just to connect a pulling eye.


Then there is cobble and loose rock. Let’s be honest, this stuff sucks. But the Radius cobble bits can help you get through it. While other bits on the market weld cutters to the top of their cobble bit, Radius solders each button in place. Why is this so important? For one, there is extra strength in soldered buttons embedded in your bit verses shorter buttons welded smack dab on the top. Secondly, this saves YOU money on repairs, should you ever need them. With its carbide face and scooped profile, the Radius Rock Bit combines stable cutting action with improved navigation.


Want to drill in solid rock formations, but don’t have the rig for it? The Radius steerable PDC bits gives your rig, like the JT25 on 24×40, the capability to cut through tough ground conditions without the expense of switching to a dual rod rock drill. Designed with heavy duty PDC buttons in the front, solid carbide buttons in the back and a rugged grinding heel, this bit offers the same control as the popular “3 toothed” rock bit but with the increased cutting capability of a PDC technology. Thanks to its ¾” fluid ports your flow is increased and spoils are removed more efficiently.

Did we mention steering? This bad boy has incredible steering capability thanks to our patented PDC technology, making it truly one-of-a kind. There is no other steerable PDC on the market today. The Radius steerable PDC also features the Radius Hot Shot Pull Back Adapter, giving you even more efficiency and ease during product installation.

With all of Radius’ time-saving rock tools, the real question is… what are you going to do with all your new found free time?