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3500 Hot Shot Adapter (Fits 950-3500 Rock Bit)

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THE RADIUS "HOT SHOT" Pull Back Adapter allows drillers on fiber or other small bores to quickly and easily connect to their conduit without the hassle of removing one single part.

Simply bolt the "Hot Shot" adapter on the bit and attach your swivel or puller. The double-sheer design of the grade 8 adapter bolt offers over 20,000 lbs of quick pullback capacity.

Keep in mind that with the sonde housing still attached tracking a pull-back through crowded easements or intersects can also increase productivity and reduce potential damage.

Radius Tip #1:

To protect the threads of your rock bit's pull-back feature, always run the tool with the adapter bolt installed. Once the pilot is complete, remove the bolt and install this pull-back adapter and you are ready to pull! - Yep, it's that easy!