Repair Services

Radius offers a complete line of repair services. Minimize your risk of tooling failure downhole and maximize your tooling life. Keeping your tooling cost low saves money. 

PDC Bit & Reamer Repairs

As PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) cutters gain popularity in HDD, Radius offers a complete service of inspection, maintenance and repair of these expensive tools. From rebuilding a worn or damaged body, rotating cutters, or full cutter replacement, Radius had the experience and capability to protecting your PDC tool investment.

Rock Bit Repairs

Radius offers repair services on all brands of HDD pilot tools. From simple carbide replacement to full body rebuilds the radius team can extend the life of your pilot tool. Radius offers a no charge evaluation and inspection to determine the value of repairing your bits.

Hole Opener Repairs

Let radius build team extent the life of your expensive hole openers with a thorough evaluation and inspection, replacing failed or damaged cones, rebuilding worn areas, hardfacing application and thread repair.

Reamer Repairs

Radius can repair all brands of reamers. Rebuilding worn areas, replacing cutting teeth and hardfacing as well as re-threading shafts. All at a much better price than buying new.

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