Extend the Life of your PDC!

Extend the Life of your PDC!

Mar 1, 2017

With more and more HDD jobs needing PDC bits and reamers for hard ground conditions, you also need high-quality, PDC-specific repairs and maintenance. As the producer of some of the top PDC bits on the market, as well as a provider of the best HDD repair and maintenance services in the industry, Radius has developed an effective process for identifying and fixing PDC problems.

Replacing tools is expensive

Any contractor who’s used PDC will tell you, they work great in the right rock conditions. However, the cost per foot to run such tools is much higher than conventional tools, which makes extending the life of your PDC critical so you can get the most possible downhole distance without needing a to pay for a replacement.

So, in order to help extend the life of your PDC tooling, Radius now offers a complete line of PDC inspection and repair services. These include rotating worn diamond cutters, rebuilding a damaged body, re-applying hard-facing material, and more.

Don’t let it happen to you

We’ve all been on those jobs where you knew some of your cutters were getting a little smooth or the gauges had taken a few too many hits and you swore you’d send your PDC in for repairs just as soon as this job was done. But then–of course–it didn’t make it through the bore. And now you’ve got to scramble just to finish this job AND buy a new bit before the next one.

Our goal is to help make sure it never happens to you again! As with all bits, you can expect to take some hits down hole, but with proper maintenance, regular inspections, and catching potential problems early, you can guarantee a much longer and more profitable life for your PDC and avoid forking out the cash for a new tool.

Radius can repair both matrix and steel body bits, as well as all sizes and types of PDC reamers. If tooling is managed properly, the repairs typically average about 1/3rd the cost of replacing the tool and will be returned to you in as little as 48 hours. But the single most important part of keeping your PDC tooling costs down is evaluating the tool regularly and sending it in for repairs when it needs them.

So here are a few things to look out for when you’re examining your PDC. We highly recommend it in for repair or maintenance if you notice any of the following:

  • Compromised structure or asymmetrical shape. In other words, if it isn’t as round as it should be.
  • Any flakes or chips in the metal body or cutting surfaces.
  • Crescent-shaped indentations or markings on the gauges.
  • Diminishing girth or narrowing in certain areas.
  • Overall signs of wear and tear.

Our 10-point inspection

All PDC repairs undergo a 10-point inspection by our experienced team of PDC pros. This includes:

  1. Overall visual inspection
  2. Blade wear
  3. Hard facing
  4. Weld rebuild
  5. Nozzle condition
  6. Cracks or hairline fractures
  7. Individual cutter inspection
  8. Threads
  9. Gauge inspection against true gauge ring measurement
  10. Once repaired, clean bit and complete second examination

Radius HDD offers a full repair to your PDC bit, including:

  • Cutter rotation
  • Cutter replacement suited for your budget by using either new, used or re-man cutters – specified by the customer
  • Cutter replacement to match your existing bit, not someone else’s spare parts

For an expert’s opinion on the wear of your PDC, email a photo of your PDC bit or reamer to our repair team at or call/text us at 855-471-2771 to schedule your repair today!