We Know Custom.

We Know Custom.

Dec 2, 2019

In HDD, downtime is a four-letter-word. Whether it’s due to broken or missing subs, we get it. At Radius HDD, we are serious about getting your crew up and running.

We stock more adapters and crossover subs than anyone in the industry. We have hundreds of subs in stock and ready to go in our online store. For non-standard or crossover adapters, Radius offers a next-day service which will design and cut your custom sub overnight. Seriously – call us by lunch today and you’ll be screwing on your connection and drilling the next morning.

Our subs are manufactured from a heat-treated alloy which improves torque and pull ratings, as well as high abrasion resistance. Another exclusive feature we offer is our Custom Sub Builder, where you can completely build, quote and order your threaded adapter online. We offer several options that your adapter might require, like hard-facing applications, carbide buttons for additional wear resistance, weeping subs, wireline compatibility, pulling eyes and more. No sweat.

The Radius team has years of experience with all brands and OEM equipment. In short, we know threads. If you are unsure what type of thread you have, text us a picture at 817-594-7066, and we’ll help you identify it and find you the connections you need. Another helpful option is our popular Thread ID Kit, which includes a complete set of flat thread gauges and can quickly identify them in the field. Contractors report that it pays for itself by simply ID’ing various subs laying around the shop or yard that can be marked and utilized, so consider getting a kit for your crew today!

You can also visit our thread library where you’ll find specs on common and not-so-common threads used in HDD, like Vermeer and Ditch Witch pipe and quick connect threads and API threads such as Reg, IF and double shoulder connections.

Radius HDD offers a complete line of the highest quality tools to HDD professionals worldwide through our comprehensive online catalog at To see how you can improve your HDD operations, call or text our HDD pros at 1-800-892-9114, email us at or shop at

Our Custom Sub Builder service allows you to build, quote and order fast.

Our Thread ID Kit pays for itself in the field.