That New New featuring DW JT5.

That New New featuring DW JT5.

Aug 30, 2019

Digging deeper to solve problems is what Radius HDD® is all about. With that mindset, we have developed a stronger, more versatile 3 bolt housing for the Ditch Witch® JT5. Our Ditch Witch-compatible dirt housings are built to higher standards than anything else on the market, and Radius has taken it to the next level with this product update.

Our newly-redesigned 2.25” dirt housing for Ditch Witch JT5 and JT520 holds an 88B subsite mini beacon sonde. To make this housing more compatible, we switched the connection from an acme box to a 2” IF API, added a beefier housing body and a thicker door made of chrome-moly steel that’s been heat-treated for strength and durability.

The rig provides 750 psi of pressure and the housing has a replaceable .125” front pressure nozzle to keep the mud flowing, which is crucial to maintain tools and keeping the sonde from overheating. The front nozzle is recessed to keep it from shearing off from high temperatures, rock and other debris of the underground environment. This housing is built for rigs in the 4-6k class. With the JT5’s 4100 lbs. of thrust and 5000 lbs. of pullback, this new and improved housing is ready to face any challenge.

Radius offers a complete line of the highest quality tools to HDD professionals worldwide. We know what works because we’ve never stopped working with drillers in the field. With our tools, you can bore more distance with less downtime.

This exclusive housing is in stock and ready to ship out. Call or text our HDD pros at 1-800-892-9114 and reference part #952-0190 to place your order. For more information, visit