Pullers to Get You to the Finish Line.

Pullers to Get You to the Finish Line.

Nov 26, 2019

If you’re looking at pullers, that means you are ready to finish up your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project and get the heck out of there. Whether you’re pulling HDPE or PVC conduit, water or sewer pipe, Radius HDD has the pullers you need to get the job done. Below are types of pullers we offer.

Expandable Duct Pullers grip the inside of the polyethylene pipe, securing it for the pullback. They have an O-ring seal to keep out bentonite and other contaminates. The puller inserts into poly pipe and has a ribbed surface area that grips with extreme pressure, allowing pullback to begin.

Dub Wise Premium Expandable Pullers (sleeved) are expandable with an outside collar that fits around the polyethylene pipe, keeping it from catching on underground surfaces. These are made to attach a tow eye to the poly pipe, which helps seal the inside of the pipe from bentonite and complete your pullback on track. Disassembles onsite for easy maintenance.

Carrot Pullers are made to insert inside the poly pipe with its pulling eye. You can use the Carrot to pull smaller poly pipe inside a larger pipe. It uses a screw-in tapered thread to hold the inside of the poly pipe, generating a threading effect and creating a strong hold for the pullback. Carrot Pullers have a reliable grip, can be installed quickly, and are maintenance-free.

Mesh Pullers work well for directional drilling and irrigation contractors. These pullers are built with galvanized woven wire to grip and hold around the diameter of the pipe. Mesh Pullers offer a cable pulling eye and are great for pulling utility lines and wire strands. They are easy to install and low maintenance.

Pull Collars/Slings are made of high-quality galvanized cable and designed to allow single or multiple pulls at once by attaching up to four cables to one harness.

Radius HDD also offers a complete line of Pulling Shackles, Steel and Certa-Lok pulling heads. To view available products, visit