Lead Rods & T-Subs

Vermeer D7x11/D10x15 Lead Rod 1.66"Firestick Box - QuickFire 300 Compatible Box

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Starter rods give you a non-torqued connection to the downhole tool for safely installing and removing the tool.

Connection: RM13 Box x 200 Firestick (1.66") Box

Vermeer® Model Compatibility:

D7x11 / D9x13 / D10x14 / D10x15

Product Type:
Lead Rods & T-Subs
Compatible Rigs:
Vermeer - D10x14
Vermeer - D10x15
Vermeer - D7x11
Vermeer - D7x11 Series II
Vermeer - D9x13 Series II
Rig Type:

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