Lead Rods & T-Subs

AT2720/3020 Transition Sub 2.77-4 Ditch Witch 3020AT Pin - 2.59-4

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The EZ Connect is a time- and energy-saving innovation developed by Ditch Witch engineers to help you easily and quickly remove the drill head or backreamer without the need for heavy tools

Connection: 2.77-4; Ditch Witch AT Pin x 2.59-4 4020M1 Pipe Pin

Ditch Witch® Model Compatibility:

AT2720 / AT3020

Ditch Witch
Product Type:
Lead Rods & T-Subs
Compatible Rigs:
Ditch Witch - AT2720 Mach1
Ditch Witch - AT3020 Mach2
Rig Type: