Ground Control

Ground Control is the easiest fluid additive you will ever use. Our color coded system makes it easy to pick the right additive for your specific job. Our premeasured containers make it easy for you to get your mixture right the first time. And you know you can count on Radius quality when it counts. Rely on Ground Control to get the job done.

Clay Inhibitor


When exposed to water, ground clay can swell as much as 10-20% which can clog bore holes and cause balling on pilot tools, reamers, and tool joints. Even after the bore is complete clay material can swell and seize on drill pipe or product. Ground Control® CLAY is formulated to reduce swelling in reactive clays and encapsulate cuttings for a smoother pullback.


Xanthan Gum


Drilling in hard conditions take good tools and a clear plan. Unlike sand and clay, the spoils or cuttings from drilling rock, gravel, and other hard material require an additive specifically developed to suspend larger spoils and cuttings within the mud mix. Ground Control® XAN is an anionic polymer designed to encapsulate and suspend and float heavier cuttings out of the borehole. As an effective viscosifier, it also reduces friction and offers increase hole stability for a smooth pullback.



For mixed ground conditions Ground Control® POLY is an anionic polymer designed to encapsulate, suspend, and float a mixture of cuttings and smaller bonded particulates (flocculants) out of the borehole. It also reduces friction for a smooth pullback and offers addition hole stabilization as well as an effective lubricant for pullback. Poly is a good all-purpose additive in varying ground conditions.

Liquid Sand Control


 While not overly hard ground, boring in heavy sand conditions offers a unique set of challenges such as maintaining hole integrity and excessive tool wear in highly abrasive conditions. Ground Control® SAND is designed to stabilize the bore hole by lining it with a solid “filter cake” as well as improving returns to reduce the damaging effects of sand ontools and pipe and encapsulate cuttings for a smoother pullback.

Concentrated Detergent


Mixed conditions of sand, clay and other compacted soils need a straightforward solution to reduce stickiness, surface tension and torque loads. Ground Control® DETERGENT offers superior wetting properties to break down and encapsulates clay, sand, and other cuttings for better returns. Detergent is also a great agent to reduce balling and stickiness which keeps tools and pipe cleaner and easier to manage.

Clay Inhibitor Mix

Address challenges in both reactive clays and mixed soil conditions. Ground Control® CLAY XL effectively reduces swelling in reactive clays while simultaneously, offering superior wetting properties to break down and encapsulate clay, sand, and other cuttings in mixed soil conditions. Elevate your drilling experience with our all-in-one solution.