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Underground Magnetic Rock Housing - 3500 series 2-3/8" Reg Box x 3500 Radius Pin

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The Toughest, Most Versatile Housing Available.

Only Radius combines the strength and protection of an end-load housing with the convenience of a side-load unit. While other side-load housings were designed for dirt drilling, our patented rock housing was specifically designed for drilling rock. Only Radius rock housings give you:

Enhanced Sonde Protection:

With our recessed cavity design, the sonde is secured into the body of the housing and locked in place. Rubber o-rings minimize vibration and protect the beacon inside the cavity.

Rock-Solid Durability:

Our patented smaller cavity opening can withstand the heavy torque and flex loads that are generated when using rock bits. While others use a hollowed-out design, Radius rock housings have a solid door, the thickest in the industry.

Extraordinary Flexibility:

Radius housings are the only side-loads to accept all electronics including Digitrak® 15” sonde and 19” deep sonde, Subsite® 86” series beacons and wire-line systems. Non-magnetic housings are also available for geo-navigation systems.

Connection: 2-3/8" Reg Box x 3500 Radius Pin

Diameter: 3.5"

Electronics: 15" & 19" Digitrak®, Subsite® 86 Series,15" & 18" Underground Magnetics&reg

Rig Class Compatiblity:


Vermeer® Model Compatibility:

D24x40A / D24x40 Series II / D33x44 / D36x50 / D36x50 Series II

*Wireline Compatible

Ditch Witch® Model Compatibility:

JT25 /JT2720 / JT2720 Mach1 / AT2720 Mach1

JT30 / JT3020 Mach1 /AT3020 Mach1

JT4020 / JT4020 Mach1 / AT4020 Mach1

951-3502 (Non High-Flow)

SUBSITE – 86 Series, 15T, 17T and 19T
DCI – 15” & 19”
UMAG – Echo 1, Echo 3, Echo 25, Echo 50, Echo 60 & Echo 90

Note:--- Echo 1, Echo 25, Echo 50 = 15” DCI --- Echo 3 & Echo 60 – 19” DCI