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54" Hole Opener, 8- 17-1/2 TCI cones, 5.5" FH Box x Box

For extreme conditions hard rock conditions such as Limestone, Marble, Granite and Medium to Hard Shale (10,000 PSI to 28,000 PSI Rock)

  • TCI IADC 500 series sealed bearing cutters.
  • Wear pads up to 16” sizes and a Ring stabilizer from 18” sizes and up.

    • Want to add more cutters, IADC 600/700 series cones or different style wear pad or stabilizer? No problem at Radius we will build it custom to your specifications.

    Cutting Size: 54"

    Connection: 5-1/2" Full Hole Box x Box;

    Sealed Bearing Cutters: Quantity 8, 17-1/2” IADC 500 Series TCI Cutters

    Shaft Size: 7.25"